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Markaz ul Islam strives to be a vibrant source of guidance and knowledge of our community in Fort McMurray. We have established, maintained and conducted a diverse array of programs, activities, and events.


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Your contributions matter to support our project and helping disaster reliefs work

Join Our Efforts

We encourage to be part and contribute to our efforts to improve well beings of the local community


Markaz-ul-Islam offers a number of programs and activities to sustain and empower communities including adults, kids, and youth..

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At Markaz-ul-Islam, we regularly plan events for our community to ensure that we all stay connected to our faith and help foster unity among us..


We provide a number of services for our community including marriages, counselling, mosque tours and more..

our project

Our project, initiated in 2007, is to build a center for the community of Fort McMurray; a place for the residents to learn, grow, and develop their faith..

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